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Test blog * 03/27/24

Hiya! A year later, and I'm finally coming back to work on this website! So, here's another test blog, mostly to see if I can even manage multiple entries with my lackluster HTML skills. :P I will say, my foundation seems pretty good. Even coming back a year later, it feels easy to add new things to this framework. Not that it's at all an impressive website, but it is surprisingly functional so far!

So, I'm a drummer and recently I've been going to video game jam sessions in my area. It's a pretty active scene these days, and I'm glad it is as a fan of improvisational music and video game music! I will say though, that my taste in VGM tends to skew niche and I do wish that I could call tunes from the soundtracks *I* love. With Akira Toriyama's death this past month, I've been replaying the work of his closest to my heart: Dragon Quest IX on the DS. I used to play this game all the time as a kid, and even just hearing this music again has been very emotional for me. I don't know many people who played this or any Dragon Quest game, and it's a weird feeling to be so alone in that rediscovery of something. If you want to listen to the OST, the Observatory theme "Heaven's Prayer" is a nice track. It's DS hardware but Koichi Sugiyama does some truly outstanding work with it.


Test blog * 04/16/23

This'll be a quick test blog while I work on my website :0. I just want to see if this is something I can and would like to keep up with doing since the site is mostly just a place to host my music and whatever else I may need to link to. But I also enjoy talking when no one is listening, and this appeals to that urge, lol.

...So I don't know about you but I've been really getting into Ace Attorney recently; I used to play Dual Destinies as a wee one and am going back to play the DS games. Haven't gotten to Ema's case but I hear it's quite good. I know all of the story beats of the first game except for that case, so no spoilers, you imaginary rascal! I've got my eye on you. ;)